Shop With Us + Support our Mission

Shop with us to support our mission and help spread the word by sporting our new gear!

Every penny earned through our clothing sales will go to directly benefitting and supporting the residents of Joseph Floyd Manor by purchasing food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other basic and immediate needs.

Friends of Joseph Floyd Manor receives a percentage of every piece of clothing purchased through our Bonfire Store. These clothing purchases help us to be able to consistently meet the needs of our residents.

Shopping with us provides direct financial donations and are one of the many tools we employ in order to meet our mission. Our goal is to advocate with the residents to create safe and healthy housing. Our mission is to advocate with Manor residents for safe and healthy housing, while helping to protect their needs, desires, and interests.

And let’s be honest, these shirts are pretty stinkin’ awesome – right?!?

** All proceeds earned will directly benefit and support the residents of Joseph Floyd Manor**

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