Host An Event

Welcome to our village! We are so happy to have your support and help – hosting your own event or fundraiser is a fantastic way to assist our residents! The types of events, drives and fundraisers are only limited to your creativity and imagination – so get to brainstorming! We can’t wait to see what you can come up with!

Host an Event

To host an event, drive or fundraiser, and to ensure that it is successful, concurrent with our branding, mission, and public image, we ask that you complete the following steps at least two weeks prior to your event date in order to receive our approval:

  1. Complete and submit the Third Party Fundraiser Agreement.

  2. Officially register your event by completing and submitting the Third Party Food Drive / Fundraiser Form.

  3. Once the previous two steps are complete, email all relevant supporting documents, including all marketing materials, to

  4. You will receive an email confirmation from our team once your event is approved and we will also add it to our calendar!

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