We are able to meet the needs of the residents of Joseph Floyd Manor each week because of YOUR generosity. Whether we are talking about our female or male residents, elderly or different-abled, it is important to remember that we all have the same or similar needs, and the need for food, toiletries and personal items is absolutely no different. The folks we help may be on fixed incomes, financially struggling, dealing with unplanned expenses, or just coming up short, so being able to provide these basic items is a big deal to our residents (and greatly appreciated).

Collect a little of everything, or focus on just a couple of items – it is completely up to you. Whatever items you decide to collect and donate, will certainly be put to good use and will never go to waste.

Want to help, but not sure where to start?

Scroll down and take a look at our donation idea lists


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*new, non-perishable, not expired*

– Peanut butter / nut butter
– Canned soup / stew / chili
– Canned or dried fruit
– Canned vegetables / beans
– Pasta / sauce
– Rice
– Canned chicken, tuna, SPAM, ham
– Oatmeal / cereal
– Shelf-stable milk
– Coffee / dry creamers
– Applesauce
– Ensure
– Carnation Instant Breakfast
– Cooking oils (olive and Canola)
– Crackers
– Dried herbs + spices
– Nuts
– Trail mix
– Granola bars
– Meals in a box

in-kind donations

Personal Items
*new only*

– Deodorant
– Lotion
– Soap
– Body wash
– Loofas
– Shampoo / conditioner – for ALL hair types
– Toothpaste / toothbrushes
– Mouthwash / floss
– Denture care products
– Kleenex
– Cotton balls / q-tips
– Tweezers / manicure sets
– Band-Aids / first aid supplies
– Hydrocortisone cream
– Hydrogen peroxide / alcohol prep wipes
– Razors / shaving cream
– Adult diapers
– Face wipes / baby wipes
– Combs / brushes
– Chapstick

in-kind donations

Cleaning Items
*new only*

– Bleach
– All purpose cleaning solutions
– Toilet bowl cleaner
– Swiffers (duster, dry, wet) and pads
– Ajax / Comet / Pine Sol / Scrubbing Bubbles
– Cleaning cloths
– Windex / Tilex / Lysol
– Laundry detergent
– Dish detergent
– Mops and buckets
– Brooms and dustpans
– Small trash cans
– Sponges and green scouring pads
– Wipes with cleaning chemicals
– Handi-wipes
– Toilet paper
– Paper towels

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