Meet the Residents

The residents of JFM are the heart of what we do. Check out the stories and pictures below to get a better feel of who it is that we serve. If you want to hear their stories, click on the links below and hear what they have to say.

Mr. James Mack is a resident at JFM and a true staple in every day life there. He is the gardener and maintains the beautiful flowers/greenery you see both in the front, and in the back. Mr. Mack is an irreplaceable asset to the manor and to FoJFM. Additionally, he is always one of the first ones to help us set up for Giving Thursday, and one of the last ones to depart when everything is cleaned up.

We couldn’t do this without him and we are so grateful to have him in our lives.

Meet Mr. Mack

Mr. Robert Singleton is a veteran of the United States Army and a resident of Joseph Floyd Manor. He is an integral part of Giving Thursday and SO important to the day in and day out life at JFM. He’s kind, he’s humble, and a wonderful soul. To meet him is to be blessed, and we are SO thankful and honored to be a part of his story.

We sat down after a Giving Thursday, so Mr. Singleton could tell us a little about how he became a disabled veteran. He’s not the only veteran in the building, and he’s not the only one who needs our help. We need more resources for our veterans, and we need them now.

Thank you, Sir, for your honorable service to your country. We can never thank you enough.

Meet Mr. Singleton

We spoke to Mr. Jarvis Felder earlier in the day, but hadn’t actually learned his name yet. When we asked Mr. Singleton his name, we got “Oh that’s Mr. New York!”

Being from Jersey originally, Sara knew she’d like him and she had the great pleasure of speaking with him for nearly an hour, on and off camera. His light, his positivity, his willingness to share his stories, is inspiring.

Make sure to listen to the very end; you’ll have tears in your eyes. We guarantee you will walk away with a generous dose of humble pie, and the strongest sense of community that his words eloquently paint.

Meet Mr. Felder

Saw, sand, clink, shave, chisel, break, glue, press. Mr. Washington closes one eye and uses the other to narrowly inspect the hull of a shrimp boat he’s just rounded out with his sandpaper. He blows off any remaining dust and picks up his paint brush to begin the next phase. Sometimes one project can take two weeks. Sometimes it can take eight months. All that matters is that he does it right and with such exact precision, that no detail is left out, no imperfection unattended.

Meet Mr. Washington

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