Giving Thursday Team

Our Giving Thursday volunteers consistently show up every Thursday, rain or shine, to help make sure the residents gets what they need. These volunteers are donors, sponsors, friends, residents, community partners, supporters, and above all – selfless.

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Brian and Joan LaPatin have been volunteering their time on Giving Thursday each week and always bring along some very generous donations. They not only donate their time, food, and assistance, but they also bring much needed furniture and deliver it directly to the residents.

“We do it because we can. We are retired and want to help people and make them happy. Even if it’s just one little sandwich… if it puts a smile on their face, it’s worth it.”

Meet the Rest of the Team

Our Giving Thursday team usually changes on a weekly basis – we L O V E seeing new faces! On the other hand, we also have some extremely consistent volunteers who show up every week and have been around since the very beginning. Our volunteers come from our team of community partners, sponsors, friends of friends, surrounding neighborhoods, and many more places.

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