Year One Recap

It’s been almost a year since we “officially” started this adventure – and what a year it’s been! There’s been ups and downs, smiles and tears, new friends, new volunteers, new community partners and supporters, what feels like a million and a half donations, hundreds of pounds of food, lots of phone calls and emails, amazing videos of our events, and the list goes onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

I wish we could sum up the last year in just a couple of sentences, but it just wouldn’t do this adventure justice. We started out last year with a B A N G – new logo, new website, new 501(c)3 designation, newsletters, blog posts, and everything in between. Unfortunately, we haven’t kept up with all the things that we would like to, as consistently as we’d like to, but one of our goals for 2022 is to do better – so keep your fingers crossed! However, our social media outlets are ALWAYS a buzz – so be sure to keep up with all things FoJFM on our Instagram and Facebook!

So, without further adieu – drum roll, please – here’s all that we’ve been able to accomplish in 2021:

Over the course of just 10 shorts months, we’ve …

  • hosted 45 Giving Thursday events
  • assisted approximately 115 residents (out of 150ish total residents)
  • provided food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies to 60 residents per week (on average)

Over the course of 45 Giving Thursdays, we’ve been able to provide …

With our community’s help and generosity we’ve also been able to host the following events:

To add to the metrics above, we’ve also stayed true to the advocacy part of our mission and helped advocate and facilitate the following:

  • Voter Registration + Valid IDs via
  • Charleston Pro Bono services
  • VA assistance
  • Medicare Portal assistance – Paul Carswell is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and kind
  • Assisted with scheduling doctor, dentist, denture appointments
  • FREE Barber services – Steve Stecko is AH-MAZING
  • Rental assistance through other community organizations and programs
  • Facilitated services for the blind
  • Arranged transportation services via CARTA
  • Partnered with Palmetto Goodwill to advertise and fill job openings within the housing authority
  • Partnered with MUSC Safe Seniors Program
  • Installed bulletin boards in the lobby and on each floor of the Manor where we post calendars, upcoming events, flyers, community assistance programs, etc.
  • Installed a suggestion and resident need box in the lobby
  • Partnered with the Charleston County Public Library to get residents new library cards and dissolve any outstanding fees
  • Partnered with CARTA to provide transportation information
  • Partnered with Holy City Well Being for counseling and mental health services / outreach
  • Partnered with Lowcountry Foodbank
  • CVS provided flu shots, COVID vaccine + booster shots
  • Face time, questions, and on-site visit with the Mayor of Charleston
  • Toiletries, paper products and food drive donations from Carolina Voyager Charter School
  • Food drives and donations from Cadence Academy and The Sweetgrass School
  • Microwave + coffee pot drive – special thanks to The Junction Kitchen & Provisions
  • Serve Saturdays with Seacoast Churchspecial thanks to Dr. Kelly Morales

We would also like to extend a H U G E thank you to all of our sponsors and individual supporters. Without the selflessness and generosity of our community’s companies, small businesses, schools, families and individuals, none of what we do would be possible. Each and every dollar donated goes a long way in supporting our mission and the residents of Joseph Floyd Manor – most importantly towards our weekly grocery shopping:

We have also, inadvertently, been able to provide the residents a sense of belonging, fellowship, and friendship. We’ve watched the residents smile and laugh more, and start forming friendships between themselves that were previously non-existent. We’ve helped them secure employment, gain self confidence, and begin to rely on and watch out for one another. Through all of this we’ve been able to build a bond and sense of trust with the residents. And we ALL look forward to our time together on Thursdays. ❤️

Thank you for your continued support. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all Friends of Joseph Floyd Manor happenings!

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