June Newsletter

June newsletter is HOT OFF THE PRESS!

Friends in the Community

A lot has happened this spring! We have met so many wonderful new volunteers and community partners and we are overflowing with gratitude.

Volunteers from Spread the Vote came out to make sure residents were registered to vote and if they weren’t what documents they needed in order to register. Often times senior’s voter registration can expire without them realizing until Election Day when it’s too late to renew. This wonderful organization ensures that voters are registered and fully prepared to cast their ballot during elections. Thank you so much for helping the residents of Joseph Floyd Manor get ready to vote!

Another new friend to join us this month was Medicare/Medicaid Agent Paul Carswell. He specializes in helping seniors navigate through the Medicare/Medicaid portal so they can fully understand their benefits. We are so thankful for this service he’s providing to the residents–thank you so much, Paul!

And last but not least, a huge thank you to the Charleston Library Society for donating hundreds of books to the resident Library and Joseph Floyd Manor! The library is looking SO great. It was the vision of a resident to create a place where people could borrow books or movies downstairs at JFM and it’s so heartwarming to see his vision come to life! More on the library in another blog post so stay tuned…

We also have started developing relationships with local mental health providers who can start providing services to residents if they choose. We all know how important mental wellness can be and we are excited the residents now have more access to this health program.

FoJFM T-Shirts Now Available

Now you can look even better volunteering with our Friends of Joseph Floyd Manor t-shirts! Soft, stylish and supporting a good cause-what’s not to love?!

Focusing on Food Donations This Summer

Starting in July, we will be focusing on offering food only to residents. We feel like we have given them a wonderful head start on toiletries and cleaning supplies (thanks to your donations!) and want to get back to focusing on our original mission of feeding the residents. In October, we will distribute cleaning supplies and toiletries again.

Our Impact Since March

Since March, we have made a HUGE impact. We say it often, but we really couldn’t do any of this without YOUR donations and generosity! Take a look below to see just how much we’ve done in only four months!

  • Hosted 13 Giving Thursdays
  • Helped 60 (on average) residents per week
  • Given our 23 bikes
  • 823 specific residents requests fulfilled through our Amazon Wishlist or other donations (wow!)
  • More than 450 books were added to the JFM Library
  • 63 items on average have been given out at each Giving Thursday to fill individual needs/requests
  • 3 new sets of dentures
  • 7 food trucks/restaurants/groups provided hot meals

We are so blown away by your support and thank you so much for supporting Friends of Joseph Floyd Manor!

Thank you for your continued support. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on Friends of Joseph Floyd Manor happenings!

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