March Recap

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4 March 2021

W O W!

What a miraculous ‘Giving Thursday’ today turned out to be! A few weeks ago, we needed two tables to setup our donations and today, we needed SIX! This week, Sparrowbush Methodist Church, of Sparrowbush NY, Travis from Baker and Brewer, Sam Clements of Doors to Dream, Nick Garcia, Chelsea Alpp, Skip Watson, and Michelle Clark Piraneo and Joe Piraneo became the manor’s newest friends! Their collective donations of food, kitchen items, furniture, and toiletries gave such relief to residents in need, this week.

Our donations from Saralee Bakery Outlet of Summerville provided an abundance of breads and baked treats, while Charleston Parks Conservancy provided beautiful, fresh veggies straight from the garden! The Harbinger even prepared delicious, fresh, salads, alongside Lowcountry Food Bank’s prepared meals.

Joan and Brian LaPatin were able to deliver some much needed furniture to some of our residents, including a dresser for a resident who had no place to store his clothing. BoomTownROI’s Sales team continues to rally with Friends and be an amazing source of help and support! From their weekly donations to their volunteering on Thursdays, they are a super force!

And… if you’re ready for happy tears in your eyes… take a look at our Friend, Jenny Costello Siggelkow, helping a resident find some new shoes. How truly kind and heart warming is that?! We can’t wait to announce more sponsors and donors next week!

As always, ALL residents of JFM are welcomed to join Giving Thursday at 11a each week, and we love meeting new volunteers! Can’t wait for you to join us! And as always… thank you SO much for Nina, Cha, and Gabriel, for leading the pack!

11 March 2021

Today was GIVING THURSDAY, y’all! What a wonderful turnout!

El Jefe CHS launched their NEW food truck today and were kind and gracious enough to provide taco boxes and cold drinks to ALL of our residents AND volunteers! After residents “shopped,” for their items, hot lunches awaited them, and let’s just say… We are already wondering when they’ll be back 😉 absolutely delicious!

We were also joined by some wonderful new volunteers, Whitney, Annie, and Bobby! It was so great to meet them and welcome them to the team!! BoomTownROI SDRs and BDRs continue to show their support and we are so grateful for the energy they bring every week! They continue to be generous in both their donations and their help; we are so full of gratitude for them!

In an edit to my Facebook live, our BEAUTIFUL produce was graciously provided by Charleston Parks Conservancy and went FAST this week! The Harbinger continues to be such a welcomed, fresh, addition to our offerings. Their staff even writes little notes on the containers and our residents just LOVE that social touch! Cathy and Kay Earney McGuire from the Saralee Bakery Outlet in Summerville continue to outdo themselves each week with their more-than-generous donations! Huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Graham for bringing fresh eggs and produce! Ms. Betsy Hill continues to send meat each week which is as equally anticipated as the yummy sandwiches made by Joan and Brian LaPatin.

I know this was a long post, but we are SO THANKFUL for all of our donors/sponsors/volunteers and FRIENDS! It is so important to show gratitude where deserved and we wouldn’t have it any other way! And last but not least… in an update to our new resident starting her new job, we are so excited to announce that through multiple generous donations, we are able to provide extra work clothing and bus passes because @oldwhalingco has volunteered to donate the bicycles! We are SO excited and thankful for this partnership and can’t wait to share more in the weeks to come.

THANK YOU ALL for this marvelous Giving Thursday!

25 March 2021

Some think we’re changing their lives. In realty, they’re the ones changing ours. 🙏🏼❤️😊

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